What Is Chromotherapy?

What Is Chromotherapy?

Chromotherapy is the use of the visible spectrum, or color light, to heal the physical, mental and spiritual energy imbalance that tends to lead to disease. It is one of the most holistic and simple methods to cure illness. This healing modality does not require you to consume anything, nor does it require putting anything on your body like an ointment. You simply lay or sit under the desired color.

Colors are all vibratory. Each of the color photons has its own wavelength and frequency. The body recognizes these waveforms and responds to them.The way we perceive color is because of the vibration it holds. Each color charges our cells a certain way as a result. I will explain more down below, but it is important to acknowledge that each color gives us a certain amount of energy manifesting as creativity, motivation, happiness, or energy that relaxes our bodies, clears the mind of anxiety and stress, and gives us a good night of rest.

The human body is composed of all colors from the visible light spectrum. Each color of the spectrum has a different effect on the mind, body, and emotions. An ancient teaching that originated in India between 1500 and 500 BC discusses the Chakra system. According to Klotsche, "the chakras are areas of highly concentrated energy that are connected to various locations mainly along the spinal cord. These energy fields are related to the major organs in the body’ (1). The concept of chakras is essentially an east Indian concept, which Ghadiali presented as the source of energies.”

The Chakra system consists of seven energy centers within the human body. Each of the seven center points contain energy that regulate the body’s functions, from organs, brain, lungs, stomach and so forth, to the immune system, metabolism, and emotions. Chromotherapy and chakras go hand in hand because each chakra governs a certain color. For example, your heart chakra is governed by green. Green’s vibration is proven to bring harmony and balance back to one’s body while relieving muscle pain. Green is known to be universally healing, reminding us of the cosmic relationship we share with the universe.

According to a critical analysis of chromotherapy by Samina T. Yousuf Azeemi,

“Light is responsible for turning on the brain and the body. Light enters the body through the eyes and skin. When even a single photon of light enters the eye, it lights up the entire brain. This light triggers the hypothalamus, which regulates all life-sustaining bodily functions, the autonomic nervous system, endocrine system, and the pituitary (the body's master gland). The hypothalamus is also responsible for our body's biological clock. It also sends a message, by way of light, to the pineal organ, which is responsible for releasing one of our most important hormones, melatonin. The release of melatonin is directly related to light, darkness, colors, and the Earth's electromagnetic field. This necessary hormone affects every cell in the body. It turns on each cell's internal activities, allowing them to harmonize with each other and nature. The pineal gland is believed to be responsible for our feeling of oneness with the universe and sets the stage for the relationship between our inner being and the environment. If that relationship is harmonious, we are healthy, happy, and feel a sense of well-being. An imbalance in this relationship makes itself known in the form of disorders or disease in our physical, mental or emotional states. The pineal is our “light meter”, and receives information from the heavens above, to give us that sense of oneness with the universe, and from the Earth's electromagnetic field below to keep us grounded. A perfect balance is necessary to maintain our health and to keep us in harmony with the environment.”

Red Light

Red relieves muscle soreness, reduces muscle stiffness, increases libido, increases blood circulation, activates metabolism, relieves arthritis pain, fights against illnesses such as cold, flu, and pneumonia, and builds collagen. Collagen is the most abundant protein in your body. It is the major component of connective tissues that make up several body parts, including tendons, ligaments, skin and muscles. Collagen has many important functions, including providing your skin with structure and strengthening your bones.

Red light is a powerful color, symbolic for the root chakra located at the base of the spine. The root chakra is the body's most primal energy center. It governs our instincts, how we survive in this world and how to stay alive—our animal characteristics. Red activates your physical senses, taste, smell, sound, touch, and vision. Red light has the lowest energy, frequency, vibration and the longest wavelength of all the visible light. It is known as the “The Great Energizer.” It is a color that assists in the physicality of things.

It's also known as a “Pain Reliever.” Red has been proven to penetrate the body's muscles, releasing stiffness, soreness, and tension. Red also assists with injuries such as pulled muscles, sprains, fractures, and broken bones. For instance, athletes or people who undergo a lot of physical endurance may end up feeling pain in their bodies. Red goes beyond the surface of the skin and to the core of where the pain is coming from. Red activates more blood flow to pump throughout the body, producing more nutrients such as oxygen. More blood flow and more oxygen allows your body to start healing itself.

What one client experienced from the power of red light:

“My own personal experience with the red light was extremely energizing. I was going through a lot of new challenges, from moving into my own apartment with my sibling, to trying to find a full time job, it was all very overwhelming. When I came in to the Sweat Box Sauna Bar, I had read that the red light was known to energize you. So I went with red. After my 35 minute session, I went home and right away I felt clear and focused. I put on motivational videos to help me remember that I can do life, I can make next month’s rent, and I can find a job. That night I had such a positive remembrance in the strength that lies within me. Emotionally, I broke down but in the best way possible. Nothing is better than a good cry! From that night on, I got on my two feet every single morning and went out and applied to every place I saw. I didn’t stop until I got exactly what I was looking for. For the pay I wanted and hours. But what I am trying to get out of here, is that I felt and experienced the wonders chromotherapy did for my body and mind. The benefits didn't just last for one day—it lasted for weeks. It had activated the drive, the ambition, and motivation I had within me, grounding my priorities and assisting me with real life situations.”

Orange Light

Orange light treats asthma, treats epilepsy, stops constipation, heals bone fractures, heals sore ligaments, treats all sinus conditions, boosts the immune system, eliminates cysts, repairs inflammation of the kidneys, relieves pain of menstrual cramps, and relieves the pain of gallstones and kidney stones.

Orange is a warm color and is extremely soothing to the senses. It is symbolic for the Sacral chakra located between the hips. It governs our creative energy, sensual energy and emotional energy. It is the center of our pelvis and connected to our reproductive organs. This chakra rules over your pleasures—what you like and dislike. Orange is a mixture of red and yellow. It has extremely grounding properties from red. That is why it is so beneficial to the physical body, as opposed to indigo, which is more beneficial for mental health. Orange helps the body heal from indigestion, such as constipation, bloating, cramping and detoxification. It also matches up with the vibration of your body’s kidneys, large and small intestines, the lower spine (back), and sacroiliac joints.

The vibration of orange is healing and brings a sense of warmth and satisfaction to your mind and body. Orange is great for shedding weight because it activates and eliminates localized fat. It is a great helper for those who suffer from chronic abdominal pain, whether it’s cramps, problems with indigestion, stomach cancer, or anything else. It is a color that specifically targets pain in this area. If orange is used in one’s life at a young age, it could help prevent the body from activating cancer cells.

Yellow Light

Yellow light is a natural skin purifier, strengthens the immune system, relieves indigestion, reduces scar tissue, increases curiosity, awareness, and the ability to absorb information. It is used to treat asthma, bronchitis, epilepsy, mental and muscular disorders, cramps, rheumatism, tears, sore ligaments, bone fractures, kidney stones, intestinal spasms, hypothyroidism, constipation, and menstrual difficulties. It can also prevent malignant tumors from forming.

Yellow also helps awaken mental inspiration. Great for nervous or nerve-related conditions, as well as fueling the solar plexus which holds our will power and strength. Yellow helps with conditions of the stomach, liver and intestines. It can help the pores of the skin by repairing scar tissue. Yellow rays have an alkalizing effect that strengthens the nerves. Typical diseases treated by yellow are constipation, gas, liver trouble, diabetes, eczema, and nervous exhaustion. Yellow increases curiosity, understanding, clarity, and awareness.

Indigo Light

Indigo helps Psoriasis, tension headaches, migraines, visual defects, short-farsightedness, nearsightedness, glaucoma, cataracts, catarrh, sinus problems, and some ear problems. Psoriasis is a common skin disorder that makes raised, reddish, and often scaly patches.

Indigo is one of the most powerful mentally-stimulating colors of the visible light spectrum. It creates greater dream activity and increases imagination. So if you meditate and use visualization as a tool, or if you want to tap into your source of creativity for work, or for any life projects, indigo aligns your mind and body to tap into the creative part of yourself.

Not only does it activate certain parts of your brain, but indigo increases white blood cell production. White blood cells are vital for fighting infections by attacking bacteria, viruses, and germs that invade the body. White blood cells originate in the bone marrow but circulate throughout the bloodstream. Indigo also relieves scalp pain such as scalp psoriasis.

Pink Light

Within minutes of sitting with the pink light, negative thoughts and aggression decreases rapidly within your being. Pink naturally cleanses the body's blood and cleanses the mind of impure thoughts. It strengthens veins and arteries while activating and eliminating impurities in the blood stream. Pink helps with any gum diseases as well as toothaches. Pink loosen the body and decreases if not eliminates stress. Violent behavior will be decreased with exposure to pink light. As babies, we start off in our mother's womb. Inside the human body, everything is pink. We are surrounded by pink during these first 9 months of our lives. This is why pink is symbolic for our inner child—the pure innocence we have within us.

It is a perfect color to work with if you have PTSD or any emotional trauma that resides within your body. Trauma is actually stored within our cells' memory. What pink does is charge our cells with the vibration that allows our body to start releasing trauma. It is a purifier. According to a critical analysis of Chromotherapy written by Samina T. Yousuf Azeemi and S. Mohsin Raza, "Some sources have reported a reduction of muscle strength in inmates within 2.7 seconds. It appears that when in pink surroundings, people can never become aggressive despite their desire because the color saps their energy."

Teal Light

Teal is a mixture of green and blue. Teal is a cleansing color. Teal increases clarity, boosts immunity, rebuilds cells, relieves infections, reduces pain and fever, brings mental relaxation, and accelerates burn healing. It is a natural antiseptic. It is great for cleansing the mind of redundant stagnant thoughts, raising your vibration and opening you to feel light. This color can can help release emotional build up.

TIP: Burn sacred sage before and after sweating under teal light to get a full cleanse. If you are opposed to the teal light, it could mean that your energy needs a fresh slate—a cleanse or possibly a purge to let go of whatever is not working for you.

Green Light

Green is healing. Green brings balance and harmony to one’s mind and body. It is relaxing and renewing. The heart becomes healthier when exposed to green light. As humans, we are a part of nature; nature is all around us. Plants and trees give us oxygen to breathe and also appear as green in the visible spectrum. Therefore, green light allows us to feel connected to the earth.

Green helps relax the muscles, nerves and thoughts. It relieves headaches, and on a bigger scale, relieves cancer symptoms. It gives the mind and body a sense of renewal, clarity, and peace. Green decreases and stabilizes blood pressure and helps with ulcers. It is an amazing color to work with if you suffer from heart disease.

Green is known to be universally healing. It is symbolic for the heart chakra because green light helps with opening our heart. Forgiveness and understanding follow, helping us reach a state of neutrality—being able to smile when life gets hard and knowing to love yourself unconditionally. Green is in the middle of the color spectrum. It carries both physical and spiritual healing benefits. Green can be used for just about any condition. Whether it is sore muscles, cancer, or healing a broken heart, its frequency is what your body needs in that moment.

Blue Light

Blue is anti-anxiety, helps speech and communication, brings mental relaxation, and lends wisdom and clarity. Blur light also helps with sleeping problems and is a natural antiseptic—clearing the air of bacteria. It also relieves fever symptoms, bronchitis, asthma, and lung cancer.

For those who suffer from drug addiction, blue light may offer some relief. Blue helps break unhealthy cravings and bad habits. It’s the blue rays that bring peace to the mind while clearing away worried thoughts and troublesome life experiences. For those who have insomnia, blue light is able to relax the body and put the mind to sleep.

One study says,

"The blue light found to be successful in the treatment of neonatal jaundice has also been shown to be effective in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, as emphasized by Pleasanton in his work. In studies by McDonald, most of those exposed to blue light for variable periods of up to 15 min experienced a significant degree of pain relief. It was concluded that the pain reduction was directly related both to the blue light and to the length of exposure to it. Blue light is also used in healing injured tissue and preventing scar tissue, as well as for burns and lung conditions "


Chromotherapy first originated in China, Greece, Egypt, and India. These countries used colors as medicine. Ever since 2000 BC, the use of light and heat were tools that the indigenous people intuitively used to heal chronic pain and injuries as well as illnesses such as the flu or pneumonia. The body consists of all colors of the visible spectrum, so the body needs to be exposed to colors consciously to remain balanced and healthy.


According to Avicenna, "Color is an observable symptom of disease." He also developed a chart that related color to temperature and physical condition of the body. He used color treatment with the view that red moved the blood, blue or white cooled it and yellow reduced muscular pain and inflammation.

An article explains the depth of what exactly colors do to the human body and mind:

“The color red works as a stimulant, notably of blood and to a lesser extent the nerves; yellow and orange as nerve stimulants; blue and violet as soothing to all systems and as having anti-inflammatory properties. Accordingly, Babbitt prescribed red for paralysis, physical exhaustion and chronic rheumatism; yellow as a laxative, emetic, and purgative and for bronchial difficulties; blue for inflammatory conditions, sciatica, meningitis, nervous instability, headache, irritability and sunstroke.”

He also stated that

"All vital organs have direct connection with the skin through arteries, blood vessels and capillaries, and colour rays can affect the entire blood stream through circulation and elimination of toxins."


According to an informative study done bySamina T. Yousuf Azeemi andS. Mohsin Raza,

“Chromotherapy is a narrow band in the cosmic electromagnetic energy spectrum, known to humankind as the visible color spectrum. It is composed of reds, greens, blues and their combined derivatives, producing the perceivable colors that fall between the ultraviolet and the infrared ranges of energy or vibrations. These visual colors with their unique wavelength and oscillations, when combined with a light source and selectively applied to impaired organs or life systems, provide the necessary healing energy required by the body. Light affects both the physical and etheric bodies. Colors generate electrical impulses and magnetic currents or fields of energy that are prime activators of the biochemical and hormonal processes in the human body, the stimulants or sedatives necessary to balance the entire system and its organs.”

On a cellular level, once colors penetrate the body, it then detects what your body is lacking (energy, for example), and will aim on feeding your body energy and charging your cells.

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